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Designers we love
Designers We Love
Alanis has always been drawn to lines and cuts and fabrics and colors that elicit great swoon and self-definition in the wearing of the often painstakingly gorg...
rings for days
Talismans On My Fingers – Part One
I have always geeked out over deeply care-full design. Homes. Rooms. Nails. Hair. Couches. Bags. Even and especially the carefully crafted god-drawn lines in na...
Leelee National Puppy Day
Leelee girl.
My friend leah calls me one rainy afternoon in 2006 in los angeles. “are you home?” she says. I can hear the thunder through the phone. “I am!” I...
spotify landmark female artists
Favorite Female Artists Playlist
expressed women shall lead all cavalries to the truth and the marrow of life. and if not that, they will warm you with their velvet voices and soulful cries. an...