I sit here giddy as I welcome YOU to this site. A place where I, all of me, finally, can land. ALL PARTS. In the 90’s I was made fun of for having many passions, wanting to express in many forms (comedy, design, acting, music, prose, public speaking, dance, science, academia, etc.)—as though we could only be ONE THING. I don’t know anyone who is ONE THING. I have rarely ever felt ONE EMOTION. Or entertained ONE PERSPECTIVE. The only time ONE came into account was when I felt how inextricably linked we all are, how life envelops all. When my drop re-blended with THE OCEAN.

But here, on this site, I get to explore all that I am most passionate about:

Feminism. How the feminine, in both men and women alike, lives and breathes. And how it just might lead us all to SALVATION. A salvation that might be the ONLY thing we globally agree on. How it shows up in politics and business and the economy and relationships and sexuality and schools and parenting, etc.

Art. The millions of epic forms of art. Mine. Others, people whom I respect and bow down to. Design and architecture. Food. Music. Prose. Articles. Commentary. Essential oils. Photographs. Paintings. Jewelry. Clothing. Fashion. Accessories. Smells. Sights. Sounds. Taste. Touch. Sense. Yum.

Travel. Sharing the particular ways that many places around the world have touched me.

Health and Wellness. Body, bones, muscles, endocrine system, food, nutrients, workouts, yoga, sleep, anxiety, depression, hormones, vitamins, herbs, acupuncture, skin, beauty products, DEEP CARE.

Spirituality. Teachers, writings, quotes from me, quotes from others, guided meditations, religions, traditions, lineages, honoring, prayer, ritual, aging, tools of divination, the earth, GOD.

Psychology. Authors, leaders, teachers, science, neurobiology, attachment, development, education, trauma, recovery, temperament, different models, the human condition, HOME.

Relationships. Marriage, dating, break ups, colleagueship, friendship, parenting, community.

All of these I live, eat, breathe, research, write about, ruminate over, process, learn—as student, teacher, and friend. And I have for as long as I can remember. And now—here on this site—I get to let my freak flag fly (knowing it is not even a freak flag) and be myself … in all my complexities and shallowness, my power and fragility, my pain and exaltation.

Welcome to my site.

I am so happy to share this. And I am excited to get to know you, support you, and remind you (and me) that we are super connected in millions of ways while simultaneously remaining utterly unique. With different styles and paces and faces and takes. I share mine. And welcome yours. May you find a landing pad here. A soft place where you can explore and contribute and define yourSELF. And learn and laugh and rest and have a major out-breath. Bless you each. Here we go. Helmets on. 🙂