released: August 22, 2012

I wrote and recorded this record when my son Ever was 5 months old….we turned our living room into a makeshift studio so I could be available for him, and Guy Sigsworth and Chris Elms would be in there working and I would come in and out of the room between 1 pm and 6 pm each day. It was my favorite circumstance…home, inspired, cozy and focused.

The second part of the this record was co-produced by Joe Chiccarelli in a studio in Hollywood…bridging electronic and organic warmth…my favorite combination.

Album Credits

  • Producer: Guy Sigsworth, Joe Chiccarelli
  • Drums: Matt Chamberlain, Victor Indrizzo
  • Bass: Paul Bushnell, Sean Hurley
  • Keyboards: Jeff Babko, Joe Chiccarelli, Zac Rae, Guy Sigsworth
  • Electric Guitar: Chris Elms, David Levita, Tim Pierce, Lyle Workman
  • Acoustic Guitar: Mike Daly, Chris Elms, Tim Pierce
  • Vocals: Alanis Morissette