released: June 13, 1995

I had just moved to Los Angeles, it was 1994, and I had been set up on many “blind dates” as I called them, with various different songwriters open to collaboration. Most of them had an agenda and wanted to be in the driver’s seat with me, which was not in any way compelling as an artist unwilling to stop until I found the perfect environment for me to be fully and authentically expressed.

I met Glen Ballard after having been set up to meet him by Kurt Denny. From the moment I walked into the studio, I knew this was the place to find true expression to what was happening in all aspects of my life. Such a relief and an inspiration. The respect Glen has for the artist, the expression, and the encouragement he showed me on a daily basis to just go for it…I am grateful to him to this day for his championing and incredible talent. I had been freed from my record company contract with MCA earlier that year, with their saying they thought my artistry had run its’ course, and my evolution being a turn off for them. In relationships, romantic, professional and otherwise, I often see the breakdown of something as the liberating new beginning of something else, something new, something even more powerfully defined. I wrote, ate, slept, started my love affair with Los Angeles, rollerbladed on the weekends, and did little else during this time. Such fond and colorful memories.

Album Credits

Producer Glen Ballard
Guitars Basil Fung, Joel Shearer, Michael Landau, Glen Ballard
Bass Lance Morrison
Organ Michael Thompson, Benmont Tench,
Drums/Percussion Rob Ladd, Matt Laug
Mastering Chris Bellman
Guitar on You Oughta Know Dave Navarro
Bass on You Oughta Know Flea