released: May 18, 2004

I wrote this record on my own in Los Angeles at Jackson Brown’s studio on the west side. I had a ball with my friend Tim Thorney who co-produced this record with John Shanks. I think this record had me laughing the hardest and really loving writing alone. I love collaboration so much, that I was reminded during the writing of this record that I equally love writing alone as well. This record marked a big growth in my life of self-acceptance and empowerment.

Album Credits

  • Producer: Alanis Morissette, Tim Thorney, John Shanks
  • Mixing: Chris Lord-Alge
  • Mastering: Stephen Marcussen
  • Keyboards: Kenny Aronoff, John Shanks, Tim Thorney
  • Guitars: Tim Thorney, John Shanks, David Levita
  • Bass: Paul Bushnell