So excited to mark this 20 year anniversary of jagged little pill. feels like 10 minutes ago. and feels like lifetimes ago, both.
while there has been so much shared between now and then, i can’t let this chapter pass without a sweet tip of the hat to my mid-90’s foray into deep autobiography and chronicling of my life’s ebbs and flows and slippery slopes. and so began what i now see continues to be a lifelong journey of attempting to capture these human and colorful moments….the tribulations and exaltations, the details…all.
on this 20th anniversary edition there are 10 demos that i have not shared –written in and around 1995. and a live show at subterranea in london. and the acoustic record from 2005. and a re-mastered original version. along with artwork put together from mementos and posterity-pieces from the tour for JLP.
if there is a memory you have of when you first listened or were moved in any way by the songs..i would like to formally come out of my survival-insulation (ha!) and hear about them…. #JLPmoment
thank you for being so steadfast and for growing alongside me…
it’s been such a blessing to connect with you each in the different ways over the years.
many more songs, hard-won wisdoms, stories and art to be shared…sending you each tons of love
excited. and honored.

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