‘Conversation with Alanis Morissette’ features conversations with different highly reputable teachers, authors and leaders from different philosophies and of different psychological/neurobiological/developmental models and backgrounds, all with an eye toward healing and wholeness and recovery. Each podcast focuses on the area of expertise and jurisdiction of the interviewee. With Alanis having an in-depth knowledge of them and their work, the conversations will touch on and dive deeply into topics that move the guest and Alanis herself toward philosophizing in real time, as well as illuminate any teachings, ideas and models already established as well as discuss any more current findings. Alanis also touches on the larger macro effects of the great service the author/leader is providing to so many and what the current vision is for what is possible around their ongoing work. These conversations are rich, lively and deeply thoughtful.

Conversation with Karen Kleiman

In this podcast, Alanis talks with Karen Kleiman about postpartum depression and all the activity that it entails from depression to anxiety to stress. Get more information on the items discussed here.

Conversation with Richard Schwartz

In this podcast, Alanis talks with Richard Schwartz about his Internal Family Systems which he developed in response to clients’ descriptions of experiencing various parts-many extreme-within themselves.Get information on items discussed in this episode here.

Conversation with Dr. Peter Levine

In this podcast Alanis talks with Dr. Peter Levine about about stress and trauma recovery, resilience, Somatic Experiencing, and more.  Get information on items discussed in this episode here.

Conversation with Dr. Sue Johnson

In this podcast Alanis talks with Sue Johnson about bonding, attachment and adult romantic relationships.  Get information on items discussed in this episode here.