Personally created chakra-inspired oil/water/salt blend sprays. To serve as reminders, as intention setters , for energy clearing…to both start or end my day. Or to mark transitions. Each correlate and associate to a chakra…but as one of my mentors Joel Bruce Wallach has inspiringly taught, it is always fun to take what we have learned and update it and personalize it. (he is one to pose questions like: “what if you brought the heart energy that the 4th chakra is known for and blended it with what your root chakra is known for…the physical and the compassionate integrating into one?”). I love to blend all my personal knowledge with many other (sometimes rigidly autonomous) teachings and see what happens when 1 PLUS 1 equals 20…. in a way that works for me, personally.

Here is the outcome of my having dived into doing just that…and then some.

1. PHYSICAL. Root—tribe. In this one I have melissa oil and clean water and a dash of Epsom salt. This is a reminder to ground, to be IN my body (I have the tendency to disassociate), to be present. To notice my surroundings and the sensations within my body.

2. GENERATE. Sacral—artistic and sexual. I have jasmine in this one, water, Epsom salt. When I am seeking solutions, images that inspire, wanting to create something of service, an article, a song, an idea. Clears the air to make room for the clean-and-ready slate.

3. RELATIONAL. Solar—power. I have blood orange and mandarin in this one. Water. Epsom salt. When I am engaging in a conversation that might be challenging. When I am going into a meeting where it is incumbent upon me to find a solution that benefits all. When I am seeking solutions for how to have a dynamic be more grace-tinged.

4. FEMININE. Heart—compassion. I have Bulgarian rose and water and Epsom salts in this one. When I am connecting intimately within my own self, with other (micro), with a larger crowd (macro). When I want to make sure that all that I say is fueled by love (if not siphoned through my intellect) and guided by a mutual care (for self and other). When empathy is asked of me (yet not too much).

5. ART. Throat—communication. I have neroli and water and Epsom salt in this one. When expressedness and the need to speak truthfully and courageously is asked of me. When there is something within me churning (often keeping me up at night)…that needs to be written, fleshed out, spoken, sung., physically moved through me.

6. ENERGETIC. Third eye—intuition. I have white sage in this one. Water and Epsom salt. When the 6th sense is being called upon..the sensing into an answer, trusting my gut, attuning to an answer that serves the highest good of all involved. Or when I just want to still my thoughts, the movement, my monkey mind enough to access the big answers.

7. STILLNESS. Crown—spiritual connection. I have Frankincense in this one. Water. Epsom salts. When I want to remember the truth of who I am (consciousness, awareness—that includes all parts, ego, life circumstances etc). When I want a reminder that there is a truth that underlies all the changes and waves and fluctuations of life that is permanent, unchanging, unwavering. Constant. Like the sun—whether there are clouds or whether the sky is clear—the sun remains. Reminds me of deep silence. Deep breaths. Love itself.