This is my favorite veggie burger in the world. I would eat one every time I went to London. I would hightail it straight to neal’s yard (neighborhood) and sit in rapt silence (as I often like to eat while completely focus on my food as opposed to eat while distracted and then miss the whole sensual experience!) while I blissed out with every bite.

I had the privilege of be-friending the chef, who remained when the place changed ownership and stopped making the burger.

This incredibly generous chef saw my brokenhearted face and quickly scribbled the ingredients.

I am going to perfect this one down to a science. But in the meantime, these are the raw ingredients, and I use any amount to taste…bring out your inner intuitive culinary artist and experiment.

Yam potatoes
Finely Shredded carrots
Coconut milk
Oat flour
Tomato puree

For fancy, go with a brioche bun. For quick and delish, go with a whole wheat or gluten-free bun if you can find it. if you perfect it, give me some tips!