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still abbey road
Recording “Still” at Abbey Road Studios
Recording "Still" at Abbey Road Studios by EJ Devokaitis During this turbulent and violence-struck time in the world, I felt this was an appropriate time to ...
New Year: 2015-into-2016
New Year: 2015-into-2016
Here we are in the last tender days before the turn of the new year. Dec 31st is as good a time as any … with some stunning countries and religions entering i...
happy christmas
Happy Christmas Eve
Happy Christmas eve to those of you who celebrate christmas. in germany growing up, this night was giddy-er than christmas morning. au tannebaum, connective, ha...
stocking stuffer gift
stocking stuffers and holiday gifties
Here are some ideas off the top of my head and counter for sweet gifts of a moderate range for your loved ones…. At once sensual, tender, unique, pretty, and ...