released: May 30, 2008

I flew to London for a little more than a month to write and record this record with Guy Sigsworth. I had always fantasized about being there to write a record, and this chapter allowed me to sink my teeth into the city of London in a way I hadn’t been able to do in the short amounts of time I had been there to promote records and tour.

This record was written during a very challenging time in my life, and Guy would often ask during the process: “What horse of the apocalypse is riding in today Alanis?”

This record distilled a catalyst in my love…one that kickstarted a profound recovery and evolution in my mind and heart.

Album Credits

  • Producer: Guy Sigsworth
  • Guitars: Andy Page
  • Mixing/Mastering: Andy Page
  • Drums: Blair Sinta
  • Bass: Peter Freeman
  • String Arrangements: Fiora Cutler