released: November 3, 1998

I remember walking into the studio, up in Canada, and sitting there with my friend Tim Thorney, the owner of the studio. I had met tim when I was a teenager in Canada and he had been by my side through many passages in my artistic life. I was burdened by the oppressive pressure that it was to follow up Jagged Little Pill…and I wasn’t inspired to write. I said as much to Tim, and instead of him saying “but you HAVE to!” like most other people had said to me in grocery store line-ups etc, he said “okay. let’s go see a movie.” I love him for this. We went and saw a movie, and when I got back to the studio that evening, I wrote “Heart of the House” which kick started a return to inspiration based on the freedom that tim provided me in that moment. I also remember writing “That I Would Be Good” in the closet on the floor in my bedroom, hiding away from the activity downstairs. It became my beacon and prayer and mission statement for the writing of the whole record.

Album Credits

  • Producer: Glen Ballard & Alanis Morissette
  • Guitars: Glen Ballard, Nick Lashley, Joel Shearer
  • Bass: Chris Chaney
  • Drums: Gary Novak
  • Engineer: Scott Campbell
  • Mastering: Chris Bellman