Oh, if I could but live another century and see the fruition of all the work for women! There is so much yet to be done. – Susan B. Anthony

The month of March marks a celebration of women throughout American history, first commemorated nationally in 1987. To honor this special month, Alanis.com aims to increase consciousness and knowledge of women from all walks of life. Tune in for weekly updates, special blogs from Alanis on topics including the modernization of feminism, hyper-sexualization of women in entertainment and media, intimacy in girl-friendships and more. Guest contributors will share their expertise in a weekly column, with the first article on Birth Control written by Ricki Lake, Abby Epstein and Holly Grigg-Spall to debut on Friday, March 4th.

Additionally, Alanis.com would like to invite you to share your stories on influential women in your life – anyone from family members, mentors, teachers, public leaders, and more. We will highlight some inspiring entries in a special blog post on Thursday, March 31st. Share your contributions below and tune in each week for the latest updates.

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