One of my best friends in the world (think: was there for me when no one else was. never exploits me. supported my secret passions. and made me spit my water out on the regular for laughing—the stuff of true, long-standing, LOYAL friendship) is someone whom i think has a savant-like talent for putting breathtaking stories to music and theatre at a prolific and grace-yielding speed. Paul Gordon composed the music and lyrics to/for productions of “Emma” across the country and “Jane Eyre” on Broadway…making him my feminist and artistic hero for representing women and the feminine in such a full-breadth honoring way. His new work, Daddy Long Legs is no exception.

Written with John Caird, the Tony award winning director of Les Miserable, this intimate musical tells the story of a young woman ahead of her time who is sent to college to be educated to become a writer by a mysterious benefactor. Daddy Long Legs is a love story that celebrates a woman’s growth and independence.  I highly recommend checking him out. My heart bursts when I am sitting in any seat where I behold his work.
Paul Gordon