i was desperately in need of some meditation time….we had many guests in our home and while i love being a hostess probably more than most things, there had been nowhere for me to escape to, to bask in the silence that sustains me and refuels me enough to keep giving. that, on top of the fact that i am an empath, almost demands that i carve out a way, hell-or-high-ocean-water to foster this re-energizing aloneness.  i walked down the beach a bit and sat down where there was no one else there. Souleye knew that the stillness and the sound of the waves and the peace would recharge my batteries in a matter of moments. i winked at him, my eyes closed and he stepped away to enjoy his time as well. or so i thought— he quietly built a “pyramid for protection” as he later deemed it. “it will keep you guarded and will deflect any incoming energy that could compromise your filling up your own tank.” god bless this man. a true partner. the love of my life. so grateful. 🙂 xoxoxoo