I have been obsessed with essential oils since as far back as I can remember. My mother shares stories with me about my crying and running to her. And what is often implied is that I needed a salve or an oil rubbed into the top of my hand, or near my heart, or under my nose. And that while certainly I needed nurturance that outran anything a beautiful essential oil could provide, there was often the perfect tincture, the perfect blend, the perfect country from whence it came that would lead to a deep rest for me. A sigh. An out-breath. A relief. A joy. Thank god my mom knew about this sensual tendency. She had it herself. 🙂

In my travels around the planet, I have had the gift and sensual pleasure of collecting oils as I went. From India. New Zealand. Thailand. Bali. France. Morocco. Japan. The plains. The mountains. The forests. The gardens. The fruit. The flowers. The plants. The rituals. The healing. The reminders. The relief. The stillness that they begot. Inspired. Soothed. Uplifted. Quelled. Opened.

I have over 1000 essential oils in my collection. I am ever the student and the savant with these scent-masterpieces.

I will share my favorites and go behind the scenes. I will offer some ideas about applications and reasons, about balms for the soul, heart, body…what to apply for un-rest and pains and relaxations.