Here is a list of my top 20 favorite forms of expression…

1. songwriting: music and lyrics
2. dancing: from 5 Rhythms to ballroom to modern
3. comedy and improv (generating out of thin air)
4. writing (prose, essays, articles, poetry)
5. fashion and textiles: I am slightly obsessed with aesthetics, composition, silhouettes, a thousand variations of colors, and how things fall (including the weight and the feel of the fabric!)
6. jewelry designing (something I will share with you soon)
7. keynote talks/speaking
8. artful conversation (podcast)
9. cooking and baking
10. photography
11. decorating
12. channeling
13. teaching/informing/answering questions…or investigating the questions themselves
14. make-up
15. altar-creating
16. healing arts
17. puttering and organizing (truly an art)
18. making plans, schedules
19. activism, formal volunteering
20. social convening