Funny that our feelings of separateness are often the doorways we stumble through in our return to oneness with life.

I can think of countless times when I walked around my city thinking, “Ahhh, I am just a single little drop” and having no connection to this big juicy ocean just a block away. Painful moments. That fundamental kind of disconnection creates everything from loneliness to deep depression to a lack of appreciation for humanity. And I believe that it is because of a severing of our attachment connection, which is our earliest developmental stage—our rooting in this lifetime. Just like couples will go to therapy when they can’t find their connection with each other, perhaps we need much the same support to heal the spiritual abuse that led us to forget the deepest truths of our existence and connection with god.

For many of us, there have been varying degrees of spiritual abuse that have tainted the word “god.” So we scrambled to come up with tenable associations with what spirit means, what spirituality means, what religion means, and, of course, what god means. In some ways, we have thrown the baby out with the bath water. Some of us have settled for spiritual stand-ins that never really satisfy the longing for connection with something greater than ourselves.

Some of us have a religion that we identify with, perhaps one we were born into. And some of us have started from scratch, sewing together a patchwork spiritual life based on what we salvaged from our upbringing, as well as what we have found anew in our journey of “bringing god back into our daily lives.” Whatever the case may be, I think worthwhile questions to ask when carving out a new ritual or spiritual practice—or even when we are looking to deepen one we already have—are these:

— Does this practice foster connection with myself?
— Does spiritual scripture or information support my connection with others?
— Does it support my personal consciousness-raising?
— Does this approach support my and others’ healing?
— Does it cultivate gentleness? Kindness?
— Does this ritual conjure empathy—toward myself and others?
— Does it foster my capacity to understand and be gentle toward my own humanness?
— Does this prayer honor the light in all of us?

If yes…Then thumbs up in nurturing this way of touching the divine.

Or rather….

— Does what I am immersing myself in spiritually incite separatism and divisiveness?
— Does it promote the idea of better than/worse than? (which is the biggest, most painful lie!)
— Are these teachings fueled by a sense of scarcity—scarcity of resources, money, attention, love?
— Is there any exclusivity, where some are deemed worthy of god’s love and others are not?
— Does this spiritual path ask us to stay divided, in pain, depressed or disconnected?

Yes? Then somehow this form of attempting to sense god may just be setting us up for a lifetime of unresolved conflict and war on both micro and macro levels alike.

If there is a rupture, how can we tend to that rupture? Life doesn’t seem to be about the impossibility of not stepping on each other’s toes…for we are all too diverse not to piss each other off at some points along the way. But rather, HOW QUICKLY WE CAN REPAIR OR CORRECT the effects of this rupture? So it is less about stepford interactions, and more about quick course corrects. When and if the rupture heals—how do we feel in our bodies? How do we feel about life? How do we feel about being alive on this planet?

Discovering answers to these questions—answers that are nourishing and uplifting for YOU—is what this section of my site is all about. It is a sanctuary for contemplation and inspiration, for accessing tools and insights for profound reconnection.

How can each one of us foster the knowing that we are irreplaceable drops in the ocean of consciousness? For me, it’s blessed time at the beach, feeling the warmth of sand beneath me as I gaze outward, into the vastness. It’s meditating at my altar. It’s being of service. It’s puttering around my home, clearing space like a wizened, old feng shui master. See my Top 16 Ways to Connect with God-presence for more inspiration on addressing both the rupture and the reconnection.

Spiritual life is an inner and outer dance. From sacred silence to more obvious forms of letting life and god course through us. From shavasana to ecstatic dance. From channeling music to holding a loved on. From showing up to taking a nap. From loving to being loved. Somewhere within all these delicate and colorful human acts, I find my connection to spirit. For all of us, perhaps our greatest spiritual practice is built right in—the in-breath and the out-breath that inextricably links us to that which breathes life into all.