top essential oils aveda

beautifying oil by aveda: when I was first exposed to oils, I was transfixed by this blend from aveda. I would put it all over my body after showers, and in my hair, and on my pillow. It is sensual and warming, the rosemary and combination of oils evokes a sense of comfort and inviting out the full-blown feminine.

top essential oils

Buddhist temple blend: During the tour for jagged little pill and every tour after, I would create a temple-type environment in my hotel room in which I would meditate, do yoga, pray, journal, and generally recharge from the days of wild over-stimulation. I would play stan richardson’s “shakuhachi” cd, burn incense and sage, roll out my mat, set up my traveling altar, put on loose cozy clothes, and put on my Buddhist temple blend. I found this at a store on tour in America and loved how it smelled like nothing I had smelled before. As well as connotating…a temple

top essential oils

durga Somali frankincense: this rich and sweet and woody oil was brought to my attention at a very special place in Vancouver, Canada, called durga interiors. I saw a photo on Danielle laporte’s instagram singing the praises of the oils there…and saw the wooden box in the photo and was wildly intrigued (obsessed) with finding out more. Smelling this oil makes my eyes roll back into my head. this man is the real deal 🙂

top essential oils

sufi bliss ascension oil: not sure if the one they make now is the same blend as the one they made originally, but this oil was first given to me by my aunt kati, who is my oil-sister-in-arms (we have turned each other on to the most exotic of scents over the many years!). the rose, blue lotus and agarwood (among others) blend together in a way that is transportative…a perfect oil to apply or sniff at my altar when I am ready to really go within or reach new heights.

top essential oils inner child

young living inner child: been doing so much work with acknowledging (let alone having deep dialogues with) my inner child(ren). This oil is a sweet marker of when I am due to have these precious moments of letting different, often younger part of me, have the floor. Ylang ylang, neroli, jasmine mixed with the various citrus conjures both the innocence of youth with the divine merciful feminine. So yummy.

top essential oils

essence of lavande galimard: one of my favorite places in the world, eze france, has a perfumerie there named “galimard”. One of my great dreams was to blend my own perfume and this dream came true there in a back room allocated for just such a vision. More on that perfume some other time, but the lavender I continue to bring home from this place is my main go-to lavender for the last 20 years. The sweet silver bottle it comes in makes it all the more special.

top essential oils rose

amma’s rose: having been hugged by ammachi, and shared my love of her with my friend Debbie ford, are the two big reasons I love wearing this scent. The third is that it is an incredible smell J the perfect indian blend of rose and sandalwood is the ideal masculine and feminine representation: earthy, flowery…celestial. Whenever I pull away from a hug wearing this one, I am guaranteed to be asked “what are you WEAR-ing?”

top essential oils white sage

white sage by living libations: my mentor and friend Nadine artemis has inspired me for 20 years with her leading edge awareness and the ability to track down the highest of quality oils from around the planet. Her life and lifestyle has always touched my heart, and this oil is one of my favorites of hers (I also ADORE her chakra blends, among others). I burn white sage a lot, and sage itself always conjures my favorite California coastlines as well as the shamanistic way of life. There are times I would prefer to wear it or diffuse it, rather than burn it. And it turn to this. Also amazing in a steam room

top essential oils lime

elemis lime: having first been exposed to the elemis spa in London many years ago while on tour, I was struck by the nurturance and femininity and acumen of the therapists and estheticians there. The oils are incredible (all of them)…this one stands out as it was recommended that I use it, subtle-ly on my face with a wet cloth in hot water (breathing in the steam.) I tried it once and it became a ritual for a long time. It has an enlivening quality to it…and a cleanliness that inspires the deepest of breaths. I often put this oil just at the base of my nose.

top essential oils mother

mother by floracopeia: I was at kripalu while pregnant with my son ever. Studying, learning, walking and kayaking with my husband, basking in the glow of pregnancy. I found this in the bookshop/store and was lulled into a sense of the great tender mother…the one I was about the become, marked by scent. And the one I wanted to lean into, and receive as I walked through this HUGE portal into a whole new identity. I carry this oil with me everywhere I go.