Tyler Kahn is a jewelry designer who has an other-wordly approach to his most unique pieces. His rich knowledge of crystals and gems (I have not met anyone who knows more about their materials, stones, gems and their background and history than this man). With a wide range of pretty-powerful-to-priceless work, each piece is a world in and of itself—which he provides in depth explanation of.

The first one i was exposed to was given to me from my then not-yet-husband Souleye…upon having recently met. I wore it with great pride. Quite some time later, after our son was born, Tyler turned to me and said “I didn’t tell you or Souleye this, but the piece I made you was a fertility piece.” So he is a mischievous alchemist as well. 🙂 His work takes my breath away, and I wanted to share it with you.

You can fine more info on Tyler by following him on Instagram at @tyler_kahn_designs.


Tyler Kahn

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