YSL animal print (pictured above): i remember shopping with a dear friend over a decade ago and she was looking for some leopard print shoes. she found a gorgeous pair and i said “hmm. i would go more with the monochromatic color rather than the leopard print. i am not sure that style isn’t going to come and then leave us forever.” (while i am titillated by trends, i am also terrified of them). couldn’t have said a less supportive thing, as she turned to me and said “that might have been the most fashion naive thing you have ever said, Alanis. leopard print will NEVER go out of style.” this purse brings a sophistication and worldly flair to most looks, but i love it with straight up black. or red. a prized piece.

bag girl alanis morissette handbag favoritesvalentino goodness. part sophisticated business woman, part rock n roll party girl. love that when i use this bag i don’t have to decide. and that it fits more than just a lipstick. because even when i was going out partying (let’s be honest, it’s been a while…), i would still want to have a journal, a snack, my phone and many other accoutrements with me. even a pillow. 🙂 and blue, with black, one of my fave combos.

bag girl alanis morissette handbag favoritesbalenciaga: i guard this purse like it is a delicate piece of furniture 🙂 not for those of us who desire being  inconspicious in an aiport, more for those of us who are drooling for the size and fever-colored splash. (or those of us having visions of breezily walking through the streets of paris, skirt flappig in the breeze, wide-brimmed hat, mid-summer, while really sitting at home wiping oatmeal off our face because our toddler just threw it at us). all hail the brazen fluorescence for a contrast to a more toned down outfit, or for a complement to a blast-off look.